Why Work For Us

  • A World Class Company: Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of wheels and wheel components in the world. By working for us, you have the opportunity to be a part of a company that has delivered a world class product for many years.
  • Our Commitment: We believe success is only achieved when you find a solid job opportunity that is both satisfying and has excellent pay.
  • Safety and Productivity: Working in a heavy industrial setting is rewarding. To maintain a great work environment, both Industrial Workforce Ltd. and our client company strive to make it safe and highly productive.
  • Post-Hire Resources: We provide tools and support for top notch job performance. For example, IWL helps you quickly adapt to your new work environment through pre-employment orientation, collaborates with your facility managers to give you feedback on how to excel in your position and creates a direct line of communication to our personnel managers who are always responsive and available to handle any of your questions or concerns.