Privacy Statement

When you choose to register for open assignments we provide significant time and resources at no cost to you in order to determine if you are a right fit. In return we require honesty and no omissions in delivery of your personal information. We need accurate information to complete our due diligence requirements and determine not only your qualifications for the position but also to determine if you are the best qualified among other registrants. We collect information at several different points in our process to complete our assessment beginning with your first contact.  

We may also request that you provide your email, your telephone numbers and/or your address to contact you or send you information from time to time.  

IWL is required to perform a “due diligence” investigation. Prior employment and criminal record back grounding are part of our policy and process. Due diligence is completed on every registrant for our service. Therefore, by registering on our site, you consent to provide honest and complete information at all times. Be advised that disclosure of your personal information to your prior employers, our clients, our employees, our partners, our affiliates and outsourcing providers in conducting our due diligence may be required.

IWL does not sell, rent or share personal information about you with third parties or non-affiliated companies, except or otherwise disclosed in this policy or under the following circumstances.

We disclose information to companies and individuals with an authorized need to know, to make hiring decisions or with whom we employ to perform services on our behalf